Social Issues

It has been a busy week for me. Not just because there is stuff I am working on for my eventual discharge from the step-down program, either, though I have been working on that – Got my resume done, and got a basic structure for a cover letter; should be enough to start applying for jobs next week. But my week has been busy in other ways – it’s been surprisingly busy on a social level for me.

Apart from a serious error in judgement on Monday, for which I am still waiting to find out what will happen as a result, things have been busy in a good way. Tuesday, I went to groups, got a chance to go swimming, and went to a DBSA meeting with two awesome gals, giving me a chance to meet – or re-meet, in many cases – the group at the DBSA meeting. It’s a relatively young group – we go to the Young Adult group, which is from about age 18 to about age 30, but I tend to feel more comfortable around younger people,, so that works for me. It’s good to get a chance to branch out and meet some people with similar issues from outside the step-down and Menninger, and it’s comforting to be able to go with some familiar people.

Yesterday, there were more groups, and the weather here in Houston was mostly pretty miserable. While I balked at participating in a roleplaying exercise on Tuesday, Wednesday I got a chance to open up and share some very emotional issues with the group here, and it felt kinda good to be able to talk about it, even if I’m just getting to know several of the people here. Later, I got to talk to some of my fellow step-down clients, and got to wind up the night at the apartment of two very cool ladies who are former step-down clients, watching the movie Changeling. I enjoyed their company, and hope the feeling was mutual; it was fun to be branching out.

Today was a pretty busy day, too. After our groups, we took a group trip to a roller rink – yes, a roller rink – for an afternoon of skating and pizza. I haven’t been on rollerskates for probably close to 20 years, but it was fun even with all the bumps and bruises I took from repeated falls. It was cool to get out with the other people in the program, to see them in an environment so far out of our norm – though one gal is an old hand, as she does roller derby back home, and through sheer bad luck, managed to be the only person to injure herself badly, breaking a finger in a bad fall. I have to admire her, though; even when she was injured, she just took it in stride, calmly coming over, sitting down, getting her information down before heading off to an urgent care facility. If I had broken a finger, there would have been screaming, but she just took it in stride. 

After that (and some recap and a talk about my lack of roleplay participation), we had our weekly community dinner at my apartment. We put together a meal of soft tacos, chips, guacamole, queso, and all that good stuff, and it was well-attended; I don’t think our apartment has ever had so many visitors at once, and it was cool to have so many people around. It gave us time to hang out in a non-forced setting, and it was a very cool, comfortable vibe with good people around. Also probably way better than any dinner I would have made for myself, because I would have just nuked some Hot Pockets..

We ended the night with several of us – including the gal who broke her finger, still going strong – heading out to the movies, which is almost always an enjoyable activity. There was talking of possibly seeing The Conjuring, but I haven’t seen a decent American horror film in a long time, and so we went to see RIPD instead. To be honest, I was expecting a funnier movie, but it was worth seeing once, and the company was good, which always makes me enjoy myself more. We only got back an hour ago, thus the late entry here.

So, it’s been a busy, social week. Much of it was spent hanging out with people I don’t see much outside of groups, and I enjoyed myself a lot. I build friendships slowly, especially outside the enforced closeness of Menninger, but I can feel myself forming stronger relationships with a number of people, even if some of them will be leaving town soon. I am hopeful that I will find out how things shake out with my friend from Monday, and praying that things work out well. I look forward to finding out what tomorrow has in store, and the weekend after that. 

So, no deep psychological issues today; just some talk about how I have spent a lot of quality time with cool people this week. I’m fine with that; I still have plenty of other things to work on, but they can take a back seat occasionally. So, until next time, try to enjoy yourselves, and I’ll see about doing the same.


One comment on “Social Issues

  1. Emily says:

    I’m so glad you have had so much social activity! This is great!

    Your mention of Hot Pockets and the shared meal that the group put together jumped out at me. What resources do you have for learning to cook healthy meals for yourself? What help do you need to develop the skill (and determination) to avoid foods that are full of sugars, salt, and preservatives? How can we help you make good food choices so that you can meet your personal goals?

    Our household has certainly gone through ups and downs of food preparation and food choices, so we have some experience slaying this giant. Let us know how we can help.

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