Gratitude Challenge, Day 2

So it seems there was plenty of interest in my continuing with the gratitude challenge in my blog – I received several comments on the blog, and even more off of it. So I’ll be doing that again today, though since I don’t have much else on my mind at the moment, I’ll try and expand on my gratitude items.

For one thing, I am grateful for my roommate. I can’t give you his name, but despite his relative youth, he’s a very mature and cool guy. He’s been about as good a roommate as I could have asked for; he’s quiet, courteous, puts up with my eclectic tastes in Netflix, and in general doesn’t seem to be bothered by my eccentricities. I am grateful for him because tonight is his last night here; by this time tomorrow, he’ll be gone, and the apartment will be a little bit emptier. I’ll miss having him around, and I wish him well.

Secondly, I am grateful for Rock Band 3. It seems a little materialistic, but having it, and the various instruments, here in the apartment has been a great way to get a lot of people to come and visit. It helps people (including me) to unwind, and it brings out a side of people that I don’t have a chance to see very often. It brings to mind memories of karaoke at Menninger, though there aren’t any Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera songs, which are apparently my specialty.It’s a good way to socialize, and it has been invaluable here at the step-down as part of my effort to get to know more people.

Finally, I am grateful for my sister. I usually am these days, but today I am grateful to her for the help she is providing in my search for employment. She gave me some very wise and helpful insight (aided by her husband) on my resume and cover letter, and I think that her advice will be very helpful when I start sending out applications in the coming week. She has more experience in these matters than I do, since I have never needed a resume or cover letter before – basically my entire adult life has been spent in academia. So without her help, I wouldn’t be as prepared as I could be for my search.

As for two minutes of writing, today several people from the step-down as well as a couple staff members went out bowling. Now, I haven’t been bowling in a long time – possibly since the 90s. So I didn’t expect to do very well, and my expectations did not disappoint.But going bowling wasn’t about performance on the lanes, but getting out and doing something social with other people. And that we achieved very well; we even had a spectator, which was nice. While I never managed to win a game, and we played three, I did have fun, get to use a bright orange bowling ball, and get out and spend time with some pretty cool people. It was a good time, and I enjoyed myself; I hope everyone else did, too.

Speaking of bowling, that was my exercise for the day; you’d be surprised at how exhausting throwing an 11-pound ball down a bowling lane can be for close to two hours. I was a little closer to my time with meditation today – a little over three minutes, but I don’t imagine the extra time spent is time wasted.

And I wrote an e-mail to a friend earlier, though not a long or particularly eloquent one, earlier today. I sent this one, too. This is probably going to be the hardest part of this challenge to keep up, because I forget things easily, but I’ll keep it up – though I doubt I’ll be doing it early in the morning, because I am not a morning person.

That’s day two of the challenge. We’ll see how day three goes, though I hope to have a different main topic for tomorrow – got to keep things interesting for my faithful readers.


One comment on “Gratitude Challenge, Day 2

  1. Jen says:

    Your welcome 🙂
    This gratitude may be something you feel but as family i don’t hear it often (and that’s OK! I don’t need to!) However it is very much appreciated — brought tears to my eyes. Thank YOU for the kind words and I am glad I was able to help out.

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