Job Hunting (and Gratitude Challenge, Day 4)

As the name implies, I have started the hunt for jobs here in Houston. My resume and cover letter are finished, and I submitted my first application electronically just moments ago. This is both exciting and anxiety-inducing for me, because I haven’t ever had a job that required a resume or cover letter – hell, I haven’t had a full-time job since I was 17. I’m starting with community colleges and private schools, largely for gifted children, and then moving down the list to writing jobs and related areas. Hopefully I’ll be able to put my education to good use somewhere (that isn’t flipping burgers).

On the gratitude front, I am grateful to the vocational counselors here at the step-down program, because they helped me put together a resume and cover letter with the vocational equivalent of tape and baling wire. Not only that, but they found a whole list of jobs that look like they would be a good fit for me and places that sound cool to apply to. It’s a lot of work, and it has had to be done in a relatively short period of time, and so I am thankful to have had their help.

In a similar vein, I am grateful to my social worker here at the step-down, because of what she has had to put up with both from me and from my family.We aren’t always the easiest people to get along with, and more than once she has basically had to pry information out of me with a metaphorical crowbar. She’s had to put up with some resistance from my parents, too, which  (as I well know) can be very frustrating. Still, she has soldiered on and done her best to try and help me, and I am grateful that she decided to stick with me and not pass me on to another social worker.

Finally, today I am grateful that we have a swimming pool at the apartment complex, because on a ridiculously hot day like today (high of 101, heat index around 115+), it is nice to be able to go somewhere outside and not just stop sweating like I’m in a sauna in Hell, but actually feel a little cool. Plus, swimming provides me with both exercise and some time to clear my head – it’s hard to ruminate while you swim, because otherwise you end up sinking.

As for a positive experience, I’m going to say lunch today with a group of people from the step-down. Tuesday is our social lunch day, where we go out as a program and get lunch somewhere. While the place we went today wasn’t exactly fine dining, I got a chance to talk to a friend who isn’t often very talkative and have a conversation on the merits of Civilization 5 with a relative newcomer to the program. The company was good and the conversation stimulating, even if the food wasn’t. I could just as easily have used the DBSA group I went to earlier, though, or going out with two very cool ladies for frozen yogurt afterwards. Today has been a good day.

As for exercise, as noted above, I went swimming for about 40 minutes. It was a bit hectic swimming around all the kids in the pool, but it helped to clear my head. I got numerous meditations in today, each for around 5 minutes; I find that’s an easier time to aim for, oddly. I can’t imagine meditating more often is a problem, especially where this challenge is concerned.

As for an e-mail to a friend, I didn’t write it early this morning, but just a few minutes ago, so I doubt they have had a chance to read it yet, but rest assured, it is there. That covers my challenge obligations for the day, so I think I’ll take a little time to relax before stumbling towards bed and preparing for my day tomorrow – which involves a call with my family, who have been having some issues. It should make for an interesting day.


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