Gratitude Challenge, Day 8

Today has been a slow day, though a good one – I’ve had a chance to get a lot of stuff done, some of it fun, and I got to go out with some friends and have a good time. In that vein:

I am f=grateful for the chance to go out with friends. There are times here, and at home, and just about anywhere we live, when we just sit around alone, watching TV or doing mind-numbing stuff. It’s never much fun, and so I enjoy time spent with my friends, basically no matter what it is. Even when it isn’t something I would normally do, especially if it is something new, I usually end up enjoying myself, whether it is just being with friends or the activity itself.

I’m grateful for my iPhone, because it helps to keep me connected to what is going on in the world. Before I cam to the step-down, I was basically a foreigner in texting-land, but since coming here it has become a way of life. Between that, the ability to constantly check my e-mail, being able to find out about new comments on my blog, and a number of other things, my iPhone lets me check up on a lot of things in a quick and easy way.

Third, I am grateful for air conditioning. I am a person who is optimized for cold weather, and living here in Houston is like a whole new kind of high-temperature hell. Thankfully, everyone and everywhere indoors here has the AC turned way up, and while a lot of people find that cold, I think it’s just about right. Without AC here, I think I would have to wring out my clothes every day, so while it’s a shallow thing to be thankful for, I really appreciate it.

Today, I got to celebrate a friend’s birthday with her, and we went out to a Houston Dynamo game. I’ve never been to a professional soccer game before, and while it’s not my favorite sport, it was a fun experience, especially to see how vocal some people can be in support of their team. It was also one of the few times I’ve been invited to an event like this, and it is always nice to feel that someone thought enough of me to invite me. A lot of the time I end up having to organize stuff myself, which can be cool, but it gets a little tiring. I think we all like being thought enough of to be invited to places an events.  In any case, birthdays are fun, the Houston Dynamo is pretty cool, and it is always fun to spend time with friends.

For exercise today, I took it pretty easy because my leg is still bothering me. I just spent some time walking around, which is rougher than it sounds because Houston weather is hellishly hot, and even a ten-minute walk is like spending an hour in a sauna. I had plenty of time for meditation today, and I even took some of it for that purpose; with Restless Leg syndrome I never have to worry about falling asleep during meditation, because otherwise I might have problems with that.

As for a letter to a friend, this one was a little difficult, because it was to someone I feel grateful to, but haven’t been in contact with for a while, largely because of where she’s been. I hope to hear from her soon, but I don’t know when – but I sent her the e-mail anyway, just in case.

Tomorrow’s another day, so I’ll be writing another one of these. And who knows, maybe I’ll have something else to write about, too.


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