Gratitude Challenge, Day 9

Honestly, my heart is not in this today; something I had been looking forward to didn’t end up happening, and I’ve been having trouble not blaming myself for that. But part of the title is ‘challenge’, so I guess it is only fitting that today’s entry is something of a challenge. But I make no promises as to the depth of the things I am grateful for today.

First, I am grateful to Freebird’s. Say what you will about them, but they make a mean burrito. I had been craving a burrito from them for several months, since we went there for social lunch near the beginning of my time at the step-down, and I finally managed to convince people to go there again today. And man, are their burritos good. Steak, spanish rice, refried beans, sour cream, guacamole, cheese… the only thing that I find slightly below average is their signature hot sauce, Death Sauce – which, since I am writing this, did not inflict said status on me. I’ll forgive them for that, though.

Second, I am grateful for cheesy cult classic movies – particularly Army of Darkness. They’re just fun movies to watch with other people, because you don’t feel bad about talking during them, you can laugh along with them, they don’t get too serious or emotional, and, frankly, they tend towards the ridiculous. I mean, a guy with a chainsaw for a hand? And he’s the good guy? That sounds like the enemy for a cheesy 80s horror movie, but Bruce Campbell pulls it off well. They’re good for a distraction.

Third, I am grateful for health insurance. Or, well, I would be if I had any. Right now I am currently without any, though not for lack of trying, but it is definitely something I would appreciate having soon – at least one of my medications is pretty expensive, and I’d like to get at least some help with doctor visits, because I think I may be needing one – at least to make sure I have someone to prescribe, or re-prescribe, one of my medications.

As for a positive experience from the last 24 hours, I got the chance to go to a cool new comic store and pick up some comics I’ve been a bit behind on for the last several months. It was a place called Third Planet, and man, did they have a massive selection of comics both old and new. Also a huge assortment of action figures; I was particularly tempted by the 3-foot-long Helicarrier toy from the Avengers movie.  It was a particularly nerdy thing to do, and it was a fun way to spend some time this afternoon.

For exercise, today I spent 40 minutes swimming – and man, am I hungry. Odd how exercise makes you hungry. I got plenty of time or meditation today, especially since my plans for early this afternoon turned out to be cancelled. 

I just sent out a message to someone I found cool and wished I had gotten a chance to know better; she had to leave the step-down to continue her treatment elsewhere, but I found her to be a good influence here and was sorry to see her go.

Hopefully, my head will be in the game a bit more tomorrow, but for now, that’s what I got. As always, comments, questions, and criticism are welcome, as well as ideas for future blog topics.


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