Looking Up (Gratitude Challenge, Day 11)

Today has been a good day for me. Even if people weren’t fully participating in groups, and there were people who bothered me, today has been good for me. I woke up on time, got a chance to talk about some things that were important to me, and got to go out for a good lunch with good company. I got a chance to go to the pool and swim in peace, and get my exercise in for the day; I’ll be sore tomorrow, but it’ll be a good kind of sore. And I got a chance to talk to someone I care about, and got to clear the air.

So, since I am feeling good so far, I thought I would write up my gratitude post early. 

I am grateful for clarity. I had trouble with a friendship, and a lot of that was because things weren’t made clear, to either of us. That caused some hurt feelings, and a lot of uncertainty. But we met today and hashed things out, and I think we’re clear on things. I have trouble seeing things clearly sometimes, and if that goes on for too long, it ends up in more pain and trouble , so I am resolved to ask more questions about things, and she’s going to inform me earlier if things bother her. Clarity is good to have, and I’m glad to have my friend back.

I am grateful for exercise. I never thought I would be saying that, because I generally hate exercise. I still don’t particularly enjoy it, but it gives me time to myself to think, which can be nice sometimes – though riding the exercise is boring; I’d use it for longer than 45 minutes, but that’s about all I can take before even my music and tablet can’t keep me occupied.  It’s the after part that I like; I feel more energetic after having exercised, and I get to eat more of what I like without feeling guilty, and I am slowly losing weight. Very slowly – but slow is better than nothing, and I have exercise to thank for most of that.

Finally, I am grateful for Super Soakers. I’ve got two just sitting here in the apartment, all loaded up and ready to go, just waiting for a chance to go and ambush my fellow peers at the step-down. It’s a fun way to blow off some steam, and doesn’t do any real damage, just gets people a bit wet for a while. Also, Super Soakers are way better than the generic squirt guns, because they don’t leak, explode, or shoot in directions they aren’t meant to. Damn, now I wanna go squirt some people.

As for a positive experience for today, I got to reconnect to a friend, a friend I was afraid wasn’t even still my friend. We got together and talked, and while what we talked about wasn’t all sunshine and puppies, the fact that we were talking at all was good for me. I got to catch up with a friend, and while our relationship won’t be the same as it was before, that may be for the better; I want to make our friendship healthy and enjoyable for both of us. It’s going to be work, but it will be enjoyable work; any time spent with a good friend is worth it. 

I took to the pool for exercise today, and spent a good 40 minutes swimming back and forth. My arms are sore already, but that will work out for the better. Afterwards I had a good 20 minutes spent working on meditation and breathing exercises; towards the end, though, I was getting kind of drowsy, enough so that my RLS started to kick in.

I sent out another gratitude text to a friend, too, because I don’t know my friend’s e-mail address. I don’t know if my friend got it, but then, I don’t know that their receipt of it matters as much as my being able to be grateful to my friends and other people.


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