Gratitude Challenge, Day 12

Well, I am over the hump – with both this challenge and with the week. It’s been an interesting day so far, mostly in good ways. Our groups were, for the first time I can think of, composed of just men today, which was kind of an unusual experience. I applied to a bunch of new jobs today, mostly at a local community college, so maybe something will come of that. I’m looking for a roommate, or an apartment-mate, for when I move out of step-down housing and into my own place, but that’s not going so well – I am just about out of people I know around here to ask. I am still looking into getting health insurance and a car, as well; hopefully I’ll have at least some of that worked out soon. I may end up living solo for a while after I leave the step-down, which worries me, but I think I can work something out with my friends to try and help me out with that.

Anyway, on to the gratitude challenge. Today, I am grateful for pets. I don’t currently have one, but I enjoy being around the pets of the people here in the program. I like animals, and mostly they seem to like me. Being around dogs, and sometimes cats, is comforting, and I just like being around animals who have, more or less, unconditional affection for me. They may not be great conversationalists, but they are good company.

Also, I am grateful for ice cream. Or frozen yogurt. I’ll take either. There are some kinds I prefer over others – cookies and cream, Heath Bar crunch, caramel – but I like most kinds. It’s a nice comfort food, even if I can’t afford to eat a whole lot of it – my stupid metabolism tends to be so slow that I need to work out pretty hard and often to lose even the tiniest bit of weight. It tastes good, most people like to eat it (or they should), and it’s a stereotypical food that people turn to when they feel lousy for a reason.

Finally, I am grateful for openness. I know I am not the most open person in the world; I think I use this blog as a way to take the easy way out on that, because it is much easier for me to talk about things here – even with an audience of people I mostly don’t know – than to talk about important issues in person. But I do appreciate being able to try and work on that openness, and the trust others place in me when they share personal information with me.

For a positive experience from the last 24 hours, I think I’ll go with one that is pretty recent; Earlier tonight I got the chance to go out to dinner with a friend who I haven’t been spending a lot of time with, and at least part of that is on me. He’s been having problems, and hasn’t been around as often as he used to be, and I was just accepting that without doing anything to connect with him because I was too busy dealing with my own issues. Going to dinner tonight was good because it gave us a chance to catch up; he’ll be leaving the program soon, and after that we likely won’t see each other often. He’s a good guy, and I’ll miss having him around, but I think he’s in a better place than he was, and I hope for the best for him.

In my typical alternating style, today I spent time riding the exercise bike of pain. As you might guess, it was not the mot enjoyable experience, and about an hour afterwards I felt like sleeping, but It was good for me, so I press on. As for meditation, I only got a few minutes in today, but a few minutes was enough to be good.

I’ve sent out a couple gratitude messages today, and I even got a response from someone I haven’t heard from in a while, which was cool; maybe we’ll be able to meet up when she gets back to town. I am having to be somewhat more creative now, though.

That’s what I have for today, so I’ll be back tomorrow, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.


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