Gratitude Challenge, Day 19

Today, I stared into the face of the beast, and its name… is Ikea. Seriously, I went furniture shopping at an Ikea megastore earlier, and even though I went in with a list of almost every single item I wanted, it still took almost three hours. I think they could probably justify employing  a full-time counselor to help the poor customers overwhelmed by the vast array of choices. But I survived, which is good – because I have to go back this weekend.

Tomorrow looks like it will be a busy day, with a therapy session, rounds with my team, and a family call, so I am guessing I will be grateful with getting that all over with tomorrow. But since I am still on today, I guess I’ll do that list instead.

I am grateful to a friend who was willing to not only drive me over to Ikea, but to wait there the entire time while I shopped and made absurd comments (mostly about the naming scheme) for several hours. It was something she didn’t need to do, and I am grateful to her for deciding it was worth it.

I am grateful to the social worker who pointed me towards this challenge, because even as I approach the end of it, I find myself a bit disappointed. I can always keep going, I suppose, but I think 21 days on my blog is enough – and yet a part of me will miss doing it, and I am glad he pointed the TED Talk containing the challenge out to us.

I am grateful for having music and a good e-book to distract me while I am at the gym, because I think if I had to watch the Fox News that is constantly on the TVs in the gym, I would go crazy, and I would be only slightly less crazy with nothing else to concentrate on. I know I need the exercise, and to work out, but man, it is boring most of the time. I appreciated when we had an RA here who helped out with getting people to exercise, because exercising as a group is more enjoyable and keeps my mind occupied, but I’ll take what I can get, and right now, that is my music and trusty e-book on my tablet.

As for a positive experience for the day, after I went shopping at Ikea today, I went out to lunch with my friend. Nothing special, just Subway – and man, I can’t remember the last time I ate at a Subway – but it was nice to get a chance to relax, not be stuck in a bizarre Swedish furniture hell, and sit down and talk. Neither of us are exactly the most talkative people, but I’m getting to know her, bit by bit. She’s a great person, and like many of us here she has been through a lot, but she strikes me as a very determined person; I think she’ll find something she wants to do, and do it, and lord help anyone who gets in her way. 

Like my complaints above may have made obvious, I was at the gym today, doing my standard 10 miles on the bike, though a bit later than normal. I have had plenty of time today to do some breathing exercises, and I think I managed to meet that goal today, but only just; my mind has been on other things.

As for a message of gratitude, I’m thinking on that.I guess sometimes my messages come off as desperate or insincere, and I don’t want anyone to think I’m being rude or sarcastic -I really am grateful to everyone I send a message to. But I’ll try and figure out if I can reword my messages so they sound a bit more heartfelt.

Tomorrow could be a rough one, sports fans, so it might be wise to keep your pads ready; we may need to suit up in a hurry. Until then, though, dum spiro, spero.


2 comments on “Gratitude Challenge, Day 19

  1. Janice F. says:

    Ikea also gives me the shudders. In New Haven, I eventually resorted to going in through the checkout lines, getting what I wanted in flat-packs, and exiting again as soon as possible. Sometimes with a detour through kitchenwares.

    True story: I knew a kid in WI named Trygve. 100% red-blooded American. Yep.

  2. Laurel says:

    Wait so this blog is ending on day 21 altogether ?

    Another ? – what happened to the speed dating thing?

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