Gratitude Challenge, Day 21

So, today is the last day of the gratitude challenge. As I have noted before, I’m a little sad that the challenge is over, because even on my bad days over the past three weeks, this has been a nice little part of my day. Trying to focus on something positive has helped, even if only a little bit. I know I can still do it, but without the challenge going on, I won’t have the same kind of motivation.

In any case, it’s not completely over, because I plan on doing a wrap-up entry about my thoughts and realizations tomorrow, so instead of doing that today, I’ll get on with my last day of entries.

Today, I am first grateful for finishing this challenge. I think it has been a positive experience for me, but you know, writing about the same thing for three weeks straight gets kind of old. Especially when it is the same format the whole time. Also, there’s a sense of accomplishment from finishing this challenge, and that’s kind of a nice feeling.

I am grateful for the help I am receiving on my job search; because of all the links and information I have been getting, I spent several hours earlier filling out applications and writing out forms to send out to prospective employers. Not just employers, either; i sent out a message or two to volunteer organizations, and I’m hopeful. I have a lot of resources for potential employment, and even if I don’t get anything right now, I have confidence that I won’t stay unemployed for too long.

Finally, I am grateful for all the support I am getting from my family, especially my parents. Trying to live on my own is a big deal for me, and while they have been very willing to provide some financial support, they have stayed pretty much out of the logistics, letting me handle the purchasing of furniture, choosing the apartment, figuring out where to get utility services, and all that sort of thing. I really appreciate that – and the advice they have given me – because it shows that however worried they are about how I am doing, they have some confidence in my ability to work things out. I need that, and I am grateful for it.

For a positive experience today, one of the original clients of this step-down program came in to talk to those of us who are still here. It was cool, because we got a chance to see how someone from the program has turned out two years out of treatment – he seemed healthy, holding down a job, owning a house, raising two kids. I’m not sure what kind of problems he had coming in to the program, but he seems to have gotten to a place where he could live a pretty decent life – it’s a big deal, when those of us with mental illness often really worry about ever living anything like a ‘normal’ life.  He’s een got the same therapist that I do, too, which is kind of comforting. It made me feel good about my leaving the program on the 19th.

For exercise today, I took it easy and just went walking; Friday tends to be my light day exercise-wise. It’s all good, though; I have to give my body a chance to rest every so often. Not so with breathing exercises, though; that, I have had plenty of today. When I started getting frustrated filling out forms and applications, I took a few minutes to close my eyes and focus on my breathing before starting back up.

I’ve got a message set for my last day of the challenge, but I still have more I’d like to write; while I won’t keep mentioning them here, I will still have some heading out. If I know you, and you think you should get one and haven’t gotten one, keep cool; I still have some good ones left in me.

In any case, that is it for the challenge – all that is left is for the epilogue to be written tomorrow. Check in then to find out what I think of the whole thing.


One comment on “Gratitude Challenge, Day 21

  1. neenslewy says:

    I have enjoyed reading your gratitude challenge entries too – well done for completing the 3 weeks though, my challenge runs for 4 weeks so I have another 10 days to go.
    You have helped others and hopefully also yourself. Keep moving forward.

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