End of an Era

Well, tomorrow will be my last Friday in the step-down here. It will also be (hopefully) the day my furniture is delivered, and possibly even assembled. It’s a big day for me. It will also be the day one of my close friends here is leaving, and that won’t be easy. 

I really don’t know what to say here. It’s been a long, emotional rollercoaster of a week, going from happy to sad and back again several times. Even though I think things are pretty well organized for my move, it is still a little intimidating. I loaded up a couple bags of stuff from my current apartment – mostly my books – and hauled them over to the new place, which was rough. Hauling heavy things anywhere is rough, but in the Houston summer it is brutal.

A lot of what has been on my mind for the last couple days is just logistical stuff. When I have the time to think about the emotional impact this will have on me, I get kind of weepy. When I told my psychiatrist that the other day, he decided that to help me with it I needed to increase my dose of my anti-depressant; I feel less emotional all the time, but I also feel drained and tired, and a little sick to my stomach.

I’m happy that I have friends here who have volunteered to help me with this whole process – from the two friends who helped me shop for furniture to the friends who are helping me put that furniture together tomorrow.  I’m glad that I have gotten to know all the people I have, and I hope to see more of them. We’re a close group, and their support means a lot to me.

That’s what I have right now. I’m tired, and I’m worried about my furniture. I don’t want to have to face a friend leaving, even though there isn’t anything I can do about it. We’ll still keep in touch, but it’ll be different. I guess I should expect that; I can’t stay around my friend, any of them, forever. It’s not something I feel like thinking about too hard at the moment. I hope you readers aren’t worrying about me, though; I’m OK, just in a highly emotional situation. 

One comment on “End of an Era

  1. AV says:

    Emotional is okay. We’re thinking of you here up “north,” Jamie. This is a huge week for you (I loved yesterday’s post, by the way). Remembering that you have support all around you is key. You’re not facing any of this alone. We all have your back.

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