Life Forward

So I am finished moving in to my new place, and yet still wishing I had more to do. I look around my new place and it still looks kinda empty. I think it is mostly because I have no real decorations, art, or knick-knacks to make the place feel like mine.

It is little stuff, but then sometimes the little stuff is the important stuff. Nothing here really reminds me of anyone; I have bought almost everything here myself. I don’t have any pictures of friends or family to put up, no gifts to display to bring back old memories. My bookshelves are mostly empty. I guess I took starting anew a bit too literally, huh?

It’s been a long weekend, and while I like being in my new place with all my stuff – well, new stuff – around, I wonder if there was a different direction I could have gone. Not really any sense ruminating on those decisions, though; I have at least three months before I can change my mind, apartment- or roommate-wise.

Tomorrow is my last day in the step-down, and it is a sad thing for me. I have been in the program for 4 months, and the people in it are like a part of my family. I will still be around most of them – I will still be living in the same complex, after all – but not going to groups, hearing their stories, or having the same kind of interactions. I just hope that they will still feel like they can talk to me, and come visit me.

Anyway, this all seems sad, and it is, but I’m not depressed. I know I have friends here who care about me, and professionals who want to help me. My apartment will seem like home soon enough, especially after my birthday in about a month. It’s just on my mind at the moment, and since I have been skimping on my blog duties, this is what I have. I am sure tomorrow will also be sad, but also a step in the right direction, so let’s see how it goes.


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