Talk to Me

So, this is my blog. Naturally, I talk a lot on it. That is kind of the point, after all. But part of what I am looking for in my blog is not just a place to talk about what I am thinking and feeling, but also to hear from my readers in return.

I like comments on the blog itself, because it opens things up for a larger conversation, but I know that some people are uncomfortable with that – whether because they don’t want to put their name on a comment, or they feel like their comments aren’t worthwhile, or they think it is just easier to speak to me outside of the blog, whether via IM, e-mail, or in person.

I don’t want to pressure anyone, especially not if people are worried about putting their comments out in the open – I’m a little unusual in my willingness to put all this personal information out there, after all. I just want to say that I enjoy getting feedback – it lets me know that people are actually reading the blog. it is nice to know what other have to think about what I’m saying, and I appreciate being called on things when it seems like I am full of it. It’s a little like group psych for me, really – while I can tell my story and talk about what’s on my mind as much as I want here, it doesn’t really do me much good without some kind of feedback or discussion.

So, let me know what you have to say about my entries. Doesn’t have to be here, but I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.


2 comments on “Talk to Me

  1. AV says:

    Your picture is sideways. It’s sideways on your page as well. Apart from being sideways, though, you’re looking fantastic! Texas has been good to, sir!

    • I don’t know why the picture is sideways; it isn’t on my computer. I tried to fix it, but there’s not really an option for that, so I guess it’ll just have to stay sideways for the time being.

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