Look On The Bright Side

Tonight, I threw a house-\apartment-warming party, since I moved into my apartment about a week ago and I thought it would be a good time to have some people over and try to get others used to the idea of stopping by my place. I bought a bunch of party snacks, drinks, and even made something my sister taught me how to do (thanks, sis), baked brie. Which was awesome, even though probably terrible for me.

I sent out invitations to twenty people – everyone whose numbers I had who was still in the step-down, and all the people I knew who had left the program and were still living in the complex, as well as one friend who lives nearby who was in Menninger with me. One person responded saying he couldn’t make it, and I know another couldn’t make it because he was leaving the step-down and driving home. Of those remaining 18, three showed up.

It is a bit depressing to only have a 1/6 attendance rate, even knowing what I do about the general rate of event attendance at the step-down and among others who were in the program. For one thing, it means I have a lot of leftovers in my fridge that I now have to eat. That’s not a huge problem, because they are tasty foods, but they are also probably bad for me. It’s a sacrifice I’ll make, though.

The attendance rate is depressing, but I did get three people to come, all of whose company I enjoy, and we had a pretty good time sitting around, snacking, drinking (non-alcoholic beverages, thank you), and talking about all sorts of things. Various treatments, mostly, because mental illness is something we all have in common, but we went into other areas, as well. 

Maybe it tells me something about the future, as well. Maybe people would prefer to be invited to smaller gatherings, or be invited one by one instead of by group text. Maybe I should have more information about the possible attendance of an event before buying snacks and such. I think my plans were a bit too hopeful given what I know; I probably just should have invited a group of people I like.

Regardless, any time I get a chance to spend with friends is a good time, and I’ll enjoy that for what it is. While I eat these tiny donuts, of course.


2 comments on “Look On The Bright Side

  1. Speaking as an extreme introvert with moderate to severe social anxiety, being invited to a large gathering like that would be terrifying to me. Knowing most or all of the other guests would help a lot, but it’d still be hard for me. So I think you’re right not to read too much into the low attendance.

  2. jen says:

    This is very very common. As one that throws many house parties this happens to us too!! We found one on one invites with RSVP to be the most responsive. – – however sometimes it still happens. I know as a guest large house parties are lower on my list of preferred gatherings to attend than a more intimate gathering. Again I think this Prefrence is very common.

    Glad you still had fun. Sometimes those parties of 3-4 turn into the best evenings!!
    Also, glad the brie was yummy.

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