Quality Time

So, my parents left early (well, early for me) this morning. I still have my car, which is nice. After coming home from seeing them off, I came back to my apartment to rest for a bit, because I didn’t get much sleep last night, and that lasted for a bit. Then I got a call from a friend having a tough time asking if I could come over, and so I did.

I got to spend the rest of my day with a friend, hanging out, watching movies, ordering pizza, going out for ice cream, and talking. It was fun, relaxing, and it was good quality time to spend with my friend, and in the process, I helped her out. As days go, this was a pretty good one. I like being able to do things for my friends – if you remember my post about two weeks ago concerning love languages, those would be acts of service – and in the process, got to spend quality time with my friend; quality time is ranked highest in terms of my love languages.

I don’t bring up love languages for any particular reason; I just thought it was interesting to mention, considering I spent my time today fulfilling both of my top two. I don’t know what matters to my friend, but I would imagine that being able to help when she asked for it counts for something. I can always ask about the rest later.

There’s nothing terribly complex about my day – a friend asked for help, and I gave it. It wasn’t anything difficult to provide; it was, in fact, a very enjoyable way to spend my day. I just like being able to do something for a friend, especially one I know has been having a rough time lately. We didn’t have a lot of deep conversation, but I think it was something of a bonding experience. I’m happy she trusted me enough to ask me over. She’s a very cool person, and I’m glad to be a friend.

So, nothing deep or terrifically thought-provoking today. But it was a good day.



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