Do What You Like

So, I guess my last few posts have been tending towards, if not necessarily the negative, then the less than happy. While I could continue in that direction – I mean, I have severe clinical depression, negativity is something I could do with my eyes closed – I think today I’ll do something different. Maybe I’ll find out I have more in common with my readers than I had thought. So, today I’m going to talk about things I like.

This won’t be in any particular order, because what I like can be somewhat disjointed. So, in no particular order:

  • I like to read. Mostly, I like to read fantasy and science fiction novels, but I also read a fair amount of medieval literature, medieval history, books about medieval literature and history, and recently some things on various mental illnesses – depression, BPD, that sort of thing.
  • I like to collect medieval replicas. In my apartment right now, I have two swords and a medieval helmet; back in St. Louis, I have two more swords, a warhammer, an axe, several daggers, a Viking shield, another helmet, a chainmail shirt, breastplate, gorget, and pauldrons – and there might be a few other things. Yeah, I like to go to Renaissance Faires, too, why do you ask?
  • I like to play video games. I enjoy some single-player games, mostly RPGs like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, as well as strategy games like Civilization V and Rome: Total War. I also like cooperative games, like Rock Band (I’m quite good at singing) and any number of MMOs; the only one I currently play is Guild Wars 2, but I’ve played TOR, Secret World, World of Warcraft, and a variety of others.
  • I like RPGs; both relatively well-known ones, like Dungeons & Dragons, and games that are less well-known, like FATE, Deathwatch, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Eclipse Phase, and a number of others. I have a fair number of books to read here, and a lot of PDFs.
  • I like going out to movies. I don’t like going alone, certainly, but I like the experience of going out to the movie theater. I’d like to see the new Percy Jackson movie, as well as the upcoming Riddick movie.
  • I like watching TV and movies at home. I watch a lot of Netflix, and I like that HBO Go has basically every HBO TV series available, and I like watching my own collection. I have odd taste in movies; my favorite movie is the Crow, and I tend towards action movies and science fiction/fantasy, but I’ll watch anything as long as it is well-written and acted. I like Dan In Real Life, for example, and the Martin Sheen movie The Way. I’m also a House fan; I have all 8 seasons sitting on my shelf.
  • I like to go out to eat. Again, not alone. I’m not terribly picky; I’ll go to most places that aren’t totally vegetable or vegan-oriented. I’m a big fan of places with pizza, steak, or sushi, though, and I like going to kind of interactive places like Benihana. I suppose I could learn to cook, but again, it’s something I’d prefer to do with or for other people.
  • I like to drive around. I can do it alone, or driving with other people, or just driving other people around; I’m learning my way around Houston, and I like to drive around with a particular goal in mind. I don’t like driving aimlessly. I like to sing in my car, which is one of the good things about driving alone, but I also like having company.
  • Heck, I just like spending time with friends. Whether it’s just sitting around chatting, going to eat, shopping, watching a movie, it doesn’t particularly matter; I actually feel physically better when I’m spending time with friends.

So, yeah. I have a lot of interests, and I am always willing to branch out. I mean, since getting to Houston, I’ve gotten my first manicure, gone rock-climbing, started eating mushrooms, had workouts in a pool, and probably a few others things that don’t come to mind readily. I’m willing to try new things, so I am just trying to explore new things and enjoy old ones.

So, what do my readers enjoy? Anything in common with me? Anything wildly different? Tell me what you like, if you feel up to it.


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