Here’s to Old Friends

Well, I’m back. Sorry for last night, but I really did feel like a Mack truck hit me in the head. Yesterday, I got to see my vocational counselor for the second time, and I think she had some good advice for me on the job front; I’ll be taking it and seeing how it pans out.  Aside from that, I got to go to a support group and therapy, and I think both of those went well, so yesterday was a pretty good day.

Today has been a good day, too. It started out a little slow, but it picked up after a bit. I got out to buy myself a printer, so I don’t have to rely on the apartment complex’s leasing office anymore – and mine prints in color, too. I got a chance to go to an alumni celebration at Menninger, as well, which was good; I got to see a number of the staff who had been such a big part of my recovery, as well as meet up with some friends I had made there. And then, though I didn’t really expect it, I managed to get in touch with a friend I hadn’t heard from for months. 

I get a little paranoid when I don’t hear from friends for months at a time; I wonder if they’re OK, or if I did something to drive them away. Yeah, it’s not the smartest thing I do, but sue me. So it was a big relief to hear from my friend after so long. I was glad to hear she was OK, and I hope she keeps in touch.

I still have other friends who aren’t doing so well, though, and while I wish I could do something to help them – especially one, who is so close but yet there seems to be so little I can do – I can really only give them my support, prayers, and hope. It’s hard to watch, because they don’t deserve what they’re experiencing, but so few people do. I just know that my friends have been there for me during times in my life that were pretty awful, and there have been times that their presence and help has saved my life, and I’d like to return the favor, and pass it on.

I’d like for the friends I have made here since Menninger to become old friends. So I will do whatever I have to to help, whether it is something big or just listening to them when they have to get something off their chests. And now, to prepare for the rest of my weekend!


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