Open Up

I don’t really have anything I feel the need to talk about today that I haven’t already talked about over the last few days. My friends know how much they mean to me, or at least they should. And the people I know who are feeling suicidal are trying to get what help they can. So, I just wanted to open this up to anyone who’s reading. Does anyone have questions they want to ask? A topic they’d like me to cover, or they’d like to cover under a pseudonym? Anything they’d like to say? 

I’m open to just about anything, so let me know. Either here, or via e-mail (at 


One comment on “Open Up

  1. Janice F. says:

    I actually would like someone to write about how people often think depression is just sadness, but just as often it’s loss of affect, anxiety, anger, loss of proportional response, or obsessing over bad things that coukd happen.

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