The Final Countdown

So, my birthday is tomorrow. I guess it is kind of inevitable, what with the passage of time and all. Today was a good day; I got to spend almost all of it with a good friend, and it was pretty cool. I got to watch a Shih-Tzu getting a bath, which is actually kind of funny to watch. I also went to a 24-hour Starbuck’s, and discovered the tastiness that is a caramel frappucino. This may be bad for me, because the caramel cuts the bitter taste of the coffee enough to make it actually pretty good. 

It was good spending time with a friend, and I was glad to help out to the extent that I could. Hopefully I’ll be spending more time with friends tomorrow; I know there’s a dinner planned, so that should be pretty fun. Other than that, no big revelations, aside from ones that I would prefer to keep private; maybe I’ll have a more exciting update tomorrow. Until then, adieu!


2 comments on “The Final Countdown

  1. Laurel says:

    Happy birthday. You rock !!

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