Simple Pleasures

Well, I wasn’t able to get a driver’s license today, so that is going to be high on my priority list for tomorrow. I did get a chance to apply for several jobs, though, so that was a step in the right direction. We’ll see if anything comes of those applications; I’d like to hear something, but I don’t know if I will.

Aside from that, though, today was a good day. Well, for me, anyway. I got to talk to a close friend about something that has been on my mind lately; I was worried about talking about it, but decided that after the trust she’s placed in me, I could certainly trust her with what was on my mind. I did, and things went really well. It was nice to be able to confide in someone about that particular line of thought, and I’m pretty bad at keeping secrets from friends, for the most part. 

I just enjoy time spent with my friends. IT doesn’t have to be doing anything fancy; I’m just as happy sitting inside watching TV as I am being out and about, going to water parks and rock-climbing gyms. I just feel better with my friends; calmer, more easy-going, hard to bother, like there’s something really worth doing in life. Some people have a greater effect than others; it’s a little weird. I enjoy learning about my friends, their likes and dislikes, what they hope for in life, and I hope they want to know about me.

I don’t know that I’m saying anything particularly deep here; I would think everyone likes to spend time with friends – that’s why they’re friends, after all. But I think I appreciate it a lot more than I used to now. My friends are one of my best reasons to keep living. I just wish I could help them like they’ve helped me. 

To all my friends, old and new, I want to be there for you. Your presence, and your friendship, has brought me so far. I know I can’t fix brain chemistry, but I can listen, I can talk, I can comfort…maybe I can help. You aren’t alone. I’m not alone. It gets awful sometimes, I know. But even the simplest pleasures can help sometimes. 


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