Title Optional

I think this weekend has probably been the best one I’ve had in quite a while, and I say this only about two weeks after my birthday. I got to spend time with friends, one in particular, and it was really a cool weekend.

Yesterday, my friend and I went down to her family’s boat and had dinner there with her family and some family friends, and it was a pretty good time; good food, good company, a baby (her nephew) there to make funny faces, and some good conversation. It’s always cool getting to know more about a good friend, at least for me, and then we came back to the apartments and watched some movies on TV until she felt like heading to sleep.

Today, I got up relatively early, texted with her for a while, then went out to lunch with her and couple other friends to watch the Texans game. While the Texans didn’t end up winning, it was still a nice lunch, and then she was feeling dizzy, so she rested for a while. Then she came over to my place, and we watched movies and talked. Nothing groundbreaking or earth-shattering, but I think it was time well spent, and I really enjoyed myself. I hope she did, too. I like to think I can hide how I feel, but I feel about as subtle as a sledgehammer around her, oddly.

I’m not sure what this week will bring – other than continued job applications and various other appointments – but at least it will be following a kickass weekend.  I think this may be one of the most enjoyable times I have had in years. That is all.


4 comments on “Title Optional

  1. Be honest, now: who exactly was making funny faces, you or the baby?

  2. Laurel says:

    So happy u had a good time!! You deserve it!!

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