These Are A Few of My Favorite Things…

After a great weekend, today was somehow an even better day. I mentioned a week or so ago that I had feelings for someone, but that I didn’t want to bring them up because she was in a bad place and I didn’t want to pressure her. After talking with another close friend last night, she told me that the woman I had feelings for felt the same way. We talked about it today, and while we’re both very inexperienced, it’s probably the best thing I’ve felt in longer than I can remember.

I feel both happy and kind of terrified at the same time, because I don’t want to screw things up and hurt her. But I know that dwelling on that will almost certainly become a self-fulfilling prophecy, so I think we’re both going to take it at whatever pace we find comfortable. I don’t know where this will lead, but I want to make it as enjoyable as possible for both of us.

I don’t know how much she’s comfortable with me saying, so for the time being, that’s probably where I’ll leave it. She deserves the best I can give, and right now, here, that’s privacy. But I just wanted people to know that I’m happy, at least for now. It’s been a long time coming.

2 comments on “These Are A Few of My Favorite Things…

  1. Laurel says:

    I’m very happy for you. You deserve the very best.

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