Gratitude 2: Electric Boogaloo

I have been having some difficulty lately coming up with blog topics. It has seemed, to me at least, that sometimes what I am writing about it stuff I have already covered. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing; I do have well over 100 posts here, so it can be a bit of a hassle reading through all of them. It occurs to me, though, that repetition isn’t a bad thing, especially if it is something that could be helpful to both me and readers.

Thus, I am tempted to try and attempt the gratitude challenge again. It is, admittedly, a good way to cover three weeks worth of blog posts, but when I did it the first time around, despite it sounding a bit cheesy, I found it to actually be sort of helpful in improving my mood and general attitude, and there are some habits I picked up then that I have started to slack off on lately. For those of you who don’t remember, the guidelines were as follows – the challenge lasts for 21 days, and works according to several simple rules:

1.Write down three new things you are grateful for each day, in a journal or somewhere else easily accessed. Be specific.

2. Write for two minutes a day describing one positive experience you had over the past 24 hours.

3. Exercise for 10 minutes a day.

4. Meditate for two minutes, focusing on your breath going in and out.

5. Write one, quick email first thing in the morning thanking or praising a friend, family member, or other person you are grateful to.

After 21 days, the idea is that you (well, I, for blog purposes, though you as well if you take the challenge up yourself) will start to adopt these sorts of habits in your everyday life, and start being a little more positive. This is based on a TED Talk by a man named Shawn Achor, whose TED Talk can be found below:

I am thinking of adding in a twist, possibly doing this alongside my friend who has just gone into Menninger, but I am waiting to hear back on that. So I will wait to start until I know more, but I thought it might be something to mention in case I start another run of the challenge.


3 comments on “Gratitude 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. AV says:

    Make it so!

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