Happy & Healthy

Today was a pretty good day, even if it was pretty long. I don’t have an answer yet on the second iteration of the gratitude challenge, so I won’t be doing that today, but hopefully I’ll be starting that in the next couple days.

I’m trying to take good care of myself at the moment; right now, that means applying to a number of jobs, while also trying to eat a somewhat balance diet and keep up with some kind of exercise schedule. That feels a little more important right now, though I’m not entirely sure why. But it gives me something to do in my time while Calla is away, so it is a good way to spend my time, as well as being relatively good for me. Shocking, I know, but I do occasionally pay attention to my physical well-being.

I was able to do something nice for Calla today, too, which was pretty cool. I guess she wasn’t having the best of days; something seems to have tripped her panic attack reflex, and it sounds like her day went downhill from there. I ordered a stuffed animal for her – it was supposed to be a koala, because of something she had mentioned – and it got in today; I brought it over for her when I was going to a support group. It seems to have gotten to her at just the right time, and cheered her day up a bit. Making her even a little happier made me smile.

It’s a really cool feeling being able to make someone I care so much for feel better. I know that she is having a very rough time, and I don’t want to minimize that. I’m just not used to feeling this…happy? At being able to do something nice for someone I care so much about. This is all still very new to me, and yet also very enjoyable. I just wish I was able to see Calla more often. I’m also trying to remain cautious, because I don’t want to pressure her into anything, or future trip too far and get disappointed. This relationship means a lot to me, so I want to make sure it goes well.

My stomach is going nuts right now, and I feel really wired, so I will just finish this up and go see what I can do to work off some of this energy.


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