Gratitude Part(y of) 5

It’s a bit late for this entry, but it’s been kind of a long day. I don’t know that all of my answers will be entirely satisfactory, but we’ll see how it goes; today is one of those days which has been challenging to my sense of gratitude.

First, I am grateful for Petsmart, because they have hilarious costumes for pets for Halloween. If I had a pet, he or she would totally be getting a tiny Captain America costume. Second, I am grateful for wasabi honey sauce. I had sushi for dinner tonight, and one of the rolls had wasabi honey sauce on it, and it was amazing. Even after I was totally stuffed, my stomach still wanted more. Finally, Finally, I am grateful for Pacific Rim coming out on DVD, because man, who doesn’t like giant robots fighting giant monsters?

As for a positive experience from earlier, I got to hang out at the Starbucks part of a Barnes & Noble earlier with a couple friends, one of whom just started working there; I don’t get nearly enough time to spend with him, especially now that he has a job, and I haven’t been as good about finding time to hang out with him as I’d like. We talked about all sorts of wacky stuff, from comedians to addiction to jobs and parents, and it was a good time for me. I really enjoyed just sitting, talking, and drinking my caramel frappuccino. Good times.

As for exercise, tonight was another round of exercises from Convict Conditioning, intercut with meditation to keep everything relaxed and limber. That seems to be a regular part of my routine, and I think it works out (Ha!) pretty well.

Finally, I got my two messages of gratitude out, one to someone I’ve only just started to get to know and the one from last night. It was a bit of a relief to get both of them out, because falling behind on things like this is something I really hate to do.

As for why I’m not doing as well as I could be, that’s something that isn’t really mine to tell, so I can’t really publicize it here. I might be able to talk about it privately, but it also might be something that I am overestimating the importance of, so I’m not sure it is anything to worry about just yet.


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