Gratitude: Eight is Enough

Well, today is, of course, Saturday. And it’s a day I’ve been waiting for for awhile, so I was very glad to finally get to it. I’ve got some questions that I’d like to ask readers, but I’ll save them for the end. Until then,. I shall work on the challenge.

First, I was grateful to finally get a chance to go see Calla today. It’s been a while, so it was good to get a chance to see her in person. She looked pretty good, and she seemed to be doing OK today. I hope she can continue to do well.Second, I am grateful for the Facebook game, Candy Crush Saga; it’s crazy, but kind of addictive, and it’s a nice way to spend a little time. Finally, I am grateful for candy corn, because I love the stuff but it only seems to come out right around Halloween. Crazy, right?

Earlier today, I got a chance to go visit Calla, and go back to Menninger, where I haven’t really been in six months. I saw some staff members I remembered, but Calla was the real reason I was there. She was quiet, and seemed tired, but she seemed in relatively good spirits. It was good to get to talk to her in person, and she still looks just as good as I remembered. I brought her some candy and stuff for snack foods, because she didn’t have any, and otherwise it was a pretty good trip, if a little low-key. I always enjoy seeing her, and I hope I’ll do it again soon.

As for exercise today, today was pretty much a low-key kind of day, because for whatever reason I hurt all over, so I just did as easy a workout as I could find on the Kinect. Meditation, though, was very easy, because it involved relaxing and not moving, both of which I was more than happy to do.

Finally, I’m working on a message of gratitude for someone at the moment, and I should have it done shortly. I think I may start repeating messages with people I sent them to last time, but that shouldn’t be a problem, right?

As for questions, I have some for anyone who might be reading and have any helpful answers. I’m looking for some helpful reading material on helping and being supportive of friends and/or loved ones who have difficulties with either depression or trauma. I have a book on helping with depression, but it spends entirely too much time focusing on figuring out if your loved one has depression. Are there any good, simple, helpful guides to things like this? Are there other resources you’d recommend for trying to support someone you care about who has to deal with depression or trauma? Obviously, I have my own experience with depression, but working through it myself and trying to support a friend who is working through it are two different things, and while I know some of what my depressed friend is going through, I just don’t want to go down a completely wrong path. Any help on those topics would be appreciated.


One comment on “Gratitude: Eight is Enough

  1. ltkessler says:

    There’s a book called the Noonday Demon by Andrew Solomon which friends of mine with depression have found very helpful. It’s a memoir but I’ve enjoyed the author’s book on parenting, Far From the Tree so it might be worth a look see.

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