The Saga of Gratitüde: It goes to eleven!!!

Thanks to a friend of mine, I have an appropriate title for this episode of my gratitude challenge. I even included a letter with an umlaut. But enough about titles, I must proceed with the challenge!

Today, I am grateful for my phone, because it lets me contact the important people in my life who I can’t see physically as often as I’d like when I want to. I am also grateful for costumes, because I really want to go to the local Renaissance Faire and Halloween in costume. Finally, I am grateful for a candy I just discovered, White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms. They don’t taste a lot like candy corn, but they do taste pretty good.

As for a positive experience in the last 24 hours, I got to catch up with a friend in Canada online, something I haven’t gotten to do as often as I would like lately. She’s a great person, and I love talking to her, because she seems to keep up her spirits nowadays even though she has to deal with some pretty painful things. I know she’s had to go through some pretty awful things, and I think the fact that she keeps going on with her life, even with all that is happening to her, is a great example of her strength and courage. I’m glad to have gotten the chance to know her, and I think she’ll go on to do some great things.

Today was Kinect exercise day, and I mixed it up with a little yoga – and man, is Kinect yoga hard. It sees when your body isn’t lined up correctly and docks you points. It’s a brutal electronic taskmaster, and I will certainly be sore tomorrow. I took some time to meditate afterwards, though I was so tired and preemptively sore that I couldn’t really focus much.

As for gratitude, oddly, today I got to express my gratitude to a member of the feline race, for helping to keep a friend of mine relatively sane while also dealing with her normal regal feline duties. It’s a hard life for the cat, but she bears it well.

And that’s it for episode eleven; this puts me now more than halfway through the challenge. Suck on that, gratitude!


3 comments on “The Saga of Gratitüde: It goes to eleven!!!

  1. Janice F. says:

    Costumes and candy! Best time of the year. My kids got hold of a ‘Superhero ABC’ book at the library and are now going as superheroes. They wear their capes all the time.

    And seriously. Best movie quote ever.

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