12 Grateful Men

Well, I am not feeling terribly grateful today, because I finally got word back on my interview, and not only did I not get the job but the interviewer had completely forgotten who I was. Making the total absence of an impression is always a way to go right from good day to total crapitude. But I shall not be defeated by this puny challenge, so forward I go.

Today, I am grateful for the people who talked to me and tried to cheer me up about my interview experience. It sucked, but I appreciate those who tried to help out. Second, I am grateful for the MMO The Secret World, because it helped keep my mind off of things today. Finally, I am grateful for the West Wing, which also played a key role in keeping me distracted and not feeling terrible today.

I can’t say I have had a lot in the way of positive experiences over the last 24 hours, but like I mentioned above, I have been watching the West Wing today, and while some of it shows how crazy the government can be at times, there are episodes that I really like that always make me feel inspired; I wish the actual government functioned like that. The West Wing is, to me, a wishful picture of what our government could be like if things went well, and right now, I think things could stand to work a bit more like the West Wing.

Exercise today has mostly just been me puttering about my apartment, moving things around and cleaning them up and making things look better in general. It’s not strenuous exercise, but it is something. I haven’t been able to focus for meditation purposes much today, but I have found moments, and I think I have met the requirements.

Finally, I don’t know that I have a great idea for someone to express my gratitude today, but I’d like to send a special message of gratitude to both my mother and my sister, who talked with me about my interview experience and tried to cheer me up, while also trying to find me new places to apply to and trying to give me advice on how else to improve my interviewing tactics.

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