Gratitude the 13th (and 14th)

Once again, I am doing a double-header. I don’t know that my head is really in it right now, considering that I got somewhat…mixed…reactions to my post this morning (which I did, in fact, write in a sort of half-awake state; I wasn’t sure I hadn’t actually dreamt the whole thing until I checked it after finally waking up). But I committed to the challenge (and maybe should be committed, but that’s a separate story). so I shall continue until the end.

I am grateful for Muchkin, the board/card game, because it’s a fun way to play with nerdy things with a group of friends. I am grateful for kombucha, a new drink I got a chance to try earlier – it is in theory healthy, but I won’t hold that against it. I am grateful for 90s music, because it made me feel nostalgic and comforted, and I actually like a fair amount of it. I am grateful for pineapple pizza, which I only started eating recently, but I have discovered a taste for. I am grateful for smoothies, because it gives me a chance for fruit intake i liquid form that tastes damn good. And finally, I am grateful for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, because I really have a thing for their Americone Dream flavor.

As far as a positive experience, earlier today I got to go out with a friend of mine from the Houston area; we went to an area of town called the Heights, to a place called Boomtown Coffee (where I acquired the aforementioned kombucha), walked around for a while, then checked out a cool little CD/record store called Vinal Edge. Then we went over to a comics and games store, where we got to talk tot he guy running the counter, complain about DC comics, find out about Munchkin (again, as above), and discover a new comic series called Saga. Then we came back to my place and played Munchkin, which was fun, though not as fun as playing it with more people (up to 6). Oh, and I got my first real Texas driver’s license today. So it’s been a pretty cool day so far.

As far as exercise is concerned, I haven’t done it for today yet, but I will, and I still ache from doing it yesterday. Meditation has been handled for both days, which is nice, because otherwise I might have reacted badly earlier today. Meditating helped to calm me down and keep me from doing something rash.

As far as gratitude goes, I’m still not sure what to do with that at the moment. I’ll think it over, and try to get some messages of gratitude out before the night is through.

And with that, I am two-thirds of the way through my challenge. Good night, and good luck.


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