15 Minutes of Gratitude

Today’s been kind of an interesting day, both in good and bad ways. It certainly lasted for longer than 15 minutes, but  I’ll try to keep it relatively short and sweet.

First, I am grateful for NAMI and their Peer-to-Peer training, because it will hopefully turn out to be helpful both for me and for others around me. Second, I am grateful for Olive Garden, because I grabbed take-out from there for dinner and Calla and I had a decent meal together. Finally, I am grateful for the ability to go and visit Calla, because I really like being around her, and I like to think that my visits give her some small measure of comfort.

As for a positive experience in the last 24 hours, like you may have guessed, I got to go visit Calla today, and while she isn’t feeling so hot, I did get to have dinner with her and get her to eat more than she has in quite a while. We spent a long time talking, though I don’t think she felt comfortable enough to tell me anything I didn’t already know, but I like just being able to be there. I’m not a therapist, and I can’t help her in the same way they can, but I can be there to support her and back her up. Her illness is her dragon to fight, but I can help to carry the things she needs to fight it – metaphorically, that is.

For exercise today, I was a little frustrated with my inability to do much to help Calla, so I came back to my place and worked out, using my frustration as fuel. I worked through the Convict Conditioning exercises, and some kettlebell sets, and even did some work with my broadsword. Meditation I actually handled at the NAMI class, because we do a mindfulness exercise at the end of every class.

As for gratitude, I have someone I am grateful for, but I don’t know how to reach her, and I don’t want to call her out here (especially since I don’t know if she reads my blog), so I’ll just have to keep it to myself until the next time I get a chance to talk to her.


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