Discordian Gratitude

Yeah, I’m stretching a little with my titles, I’m mostly just looking up numbers on Wikipedia and seeing what corresponds with them. As for today, I suppose I ought to get to that, seeing as how we’re nearing the end of this iteration of the challenge.

Today, I am grateful for eggs, because without them I could not have made scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon, and it was good. I am also grateful to hear that Calla is doing better today than she has been the last few days, because her well-being is very important to me. Finally, I am grateful to know that, because I have a Ford Fusion and one of my old friends just purchased a Ford Fusion, we are now car-brothers.

As a positive experience in the last 24 hours, I have to go with cooking again. It’s a solo experience, true, but I find it oddly soothing to be focused on something like food. Also, this way I get to see exactly what goes into my food, and while my food isn’t super-healthy, using no-fat milk and low-fat butter and turkey bacon is probably better than the Canadian Classic pizza from Sarpino’s. It is quite tasty, though. Both my eggs and the pizza.

For exercise today, it is the night for Convict Conditioning exercises, which I thankfully did before my brinner (that is breakfast for dinner), because otherwise my stomach would be going nuts. It seems to be going well so far. Meditation is pretty easy on a slightly fuller stomach, though.

As for a message of gratitude, I’m still working on that, but I am all for suggestions if you think I haven’t been properly grateful to you. No, really, I’m serious.


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