Grateful for Argon

Not really, I don’t really know what argon is. But the atomic number of argon is 18, and I was feeling particularly obscure today.

Today, I am grateful for job applications, because they netted me not one, but two interviews – one tomorrow, and one Thursday. I am grateful for my fancy new pullup bar, because now I can do the next step of one of the Convict Conditioning exercises. Finally, I am grateful for The Marvel Avengers Alliance Facebook game, because I’m kind of obsessed with it; I’d also like to grab the Marvel Lego Xbox game.

For a positive experience from the last 24 hours, I think I have to go with earlier today when I got a couple of surprising phone calls about twenty minutes apart. First was a call from a nearby Barnes & Noble, and then came the Rice University HR department about the temp pool. They had both, apparently, decided to check their list of online job applications, and both decided I was worth calling. Neither is really a permanent position, or even a long-term one, but either would work to both keep me busy and structured as well as add something recent to my resume.

For exercise today, I went through the Convict Conditioning exercises, making sure to make use of my new pullup bar – though it’s only at about waist height, because the step I’m on is kind of a reverse pushup. I did a little meditation after I got my interview calls, so I’m all caught up there.

As for messages of gratitude, I’m still working on that; I am still open to suggestions. If you think I should be grateful to you, and I haven’t said anything to you, tell me – I am pretty forgetful, and I don’t mean to be insulting. I just want to know if there are people who feel left out.

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