(Almost) Final Gratitude Two-Parter!

Yesterday and today have been busy days, so I’ll try to sum them up in my gratitude goals.

I am grateful to Barnes & Noble, for letting me interview with them yesterday. I’m grateful to Rice University, for having me in to interview today. I’m grateful to Lois McMaster Bujold, for writing some great books – Curse of Chalion and Paladin of Souls, specifically (I’m rereading them now). I’m grateful to have a hard copy of the Cooking Comically cookbook, because it has some good-looking and simple recipes. I’m grateful for Halloween, even if I’m not in costume, because I like the vibe. And finally, I am grateful for Calla’s progress, because today is the first time she’s said she might be feeling hopeful in a long time.

That’s actually my positive moment, too. I went to go visit her for dinner tonight, and over chicken enchiladas and creamed spinach, we talked about a lot of things – the Menninger staff, how her treatment is going, how she is feeling. We made some jokes, we both laughed, and it was good to see her smiling and laughing and not feeling like it was forced. We kept talking, about things we are afraid of, things we think about, and she said that she wasn’t sure about what she was feeling. She went on to say that she wasn’t sure, but she might be feeling hope, though it had been so long since feeling it that she didn’t remember how it felt. I think it is a big step for her to even think she was feeling it, and I think it’s a big moment in her treatment. Hearing that she might be feeling hope made me feel better than I have since she went into treatment again.

As for exercise, after I peeled myself out of my interview clothes, I went through my Convict Conditioning exercises, though my arms still burn from the inverted pullups the other day. I got some meditation time in just a little bit ago, after coming back from seeing Calla, and so I am feeling nice and relaxed.

As for gratitude, I got to tell several of the staff at Menninger that I was grateful for them while I had been in Menninger, and I was glad they were still there to help Calla (among other people). They seemed pretty happy about that, and giving messages to several people at once cleared out my backlog.

Tomorrow comes the stunning season conclusion of the gratitude challenge – tune in to see how it ends!

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