Next Step

So, I am now employed. Well, I actually start working this coming Tuesday, but I have a job for the first time since 2011. Now, it isn’t a high-paying or long-term job – it’s just seasonal work for Barnes & Noble – but it is the next step in my road to recovery and normalcy, is there is such a thing. It’s a pretty big step, and I guess I’ll find out how well I can handle it in a few days when I start. To be honest, I'[m kind of worried about how well I’ll handle it – my first day is going to be 11-7:30, and that’s a pretty big first day for someone who hasn’t worked in a while. But I think I’ll work it out, so I can work on other things.

I’m worried about Calla, honestly; I know she’s been having a difficult week, and she hasn’t talked to me much about it. I wish I could do more for her, and be there for her more, but I can understand why she is so reluctant to let me in. I can only hope that the longer I stand by her, the more I prove that I’m worth trusting, the closer we’ll get. I know she’s got a dragon to fight, and it isn’t an easy thing to do, but maybe I’ll be able to carry part of the load to let her focus on the fight.

Aside from that, today I went shopping, and brought back a bunch of groceries that, if my college roommates saw, would make them wonder if I had been traded fro a pod person. Lots of olive oil, vegetables, fruits and other such healthy foods – probably the worst thing I bought today was bacon. Not even real bacon – turkey bacon. Which I then used to make myself some very tasty asparagus and bacon risotto for dinner.

What can I say? This cooking is kinda addictive.


5 comments on “Next Step

  1. AV says:

    Congratulations on the job! That’s great news, Jamie!

  2. jen says:

    Very happy for you Jamie.

  3. Laurel says:

    Good for you! I’m sure thru will live you. And just think, you didn’t have to go to Arizona for a wk, though every job has their silly rabbit. I’m so happy for you. It’s a great way to get back into it all. Wait- will you working with Clinton? Lol- my cooking is so not addictive- perhaps it would be if I practiced some mindfulness with it. Have a good day. Laurel

  4. Alicia says:

    What are you doing at Barnes and Noble…Book seller, cashier…? inquiring minds want to know…. plus if you do a good job sometimes they will keep you at the end of the season….. just food for thought if you find you like it

  5. plaunat says:

    Congratulations on your new job!

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