Second Wind

So, now that I have recovered from my stomach bug, whatever it might have been, I have let the awesomeness that was supposed to be this weekend ensue. I hit my NAMI class earlier, got a chance to talk to Calla, and then, after relaxing at my place for a while, working on some story ideas for various things and watching reruns of Castle, I got to go grab sushi and then see the new Thor movie. And I have to say, if Tom Hiddleston had any more fun playing Loki, it would probably be illegal.

Tomorrow, I shall be heading to the Houston Renaissance Festival, in costume. I’m actually trying it on as I write this entry, making sure everything fits and goes together (I’m also working out, to make myself feel a little bit better about how I look, even though there won’t really be much of me visible when in full outfit. I’ll see if there is someone who can grab a picture or two tomorrow when I’m in full getup.

I’m actually feeling pretty good about things right now; I have some fun planned for tomorrow, I see my doctor on Monday, and then I start work on Tuesday. It’s going to be a full couple of days. I’m hoping that being on my feet so often at my new job will help to augment my exercise routine. It might also help to keep me focused, and keep my head on straight. 

Let’s hope it all works out, shall we?


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