Renaissance Man

So today was pretty fun. I got to head out to the Texas Renaissance Faire (which is awesome, by the way – stupendously large – riding elephants and everything). I dressed up, as a Knight Hospitaller:



I’m aiming for something like this:


So it was fun to go dressed up. If anyone ever wants to come to a cool Renaissance Faire, I recommend this one – it’s every weekend from the second weekend in October to the second weekend in December.

After walking around for several hours in mostly black, not terribly light clothing, and having an authentic Renaissance Faire experience with eating a big ol’ turkey leg, I came home and treated myself to some awesome truffle parmesan fries at Jerry Built homegrown burgers. 

Not all that psychological, but it’s been a pretty good weekend – a good movie, a good time, some good food, and good company. Not bad for a last free weekend before starting work. Life is looking pretty good, and while the cynical part of me is saying that it being so good is just that far down it can fall, right now I’m not terribly inclined to listen to it. I’m just hoping it can continue to go well.


One comment on “Renaissance Man

  1. Laurel says:

    Pretty nifty costume !!!

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