Odd title, but it actually has a meaning – one of the other employees at the store I work at uses it to refer to having a closing shift followed by an opening shift, which refers to my last two days – not only did I work Friday, but then until midnight Saturday followed by a 10 AM start today. It’s been a pretty long, busy weekend, and I’ve taken a pretty big handful of Advil and Aleve to relieve various sorts of pain.

Thanksgiving went pretty well, though it seems I could have brought over a batch of the pumpkin butterscotch cookies that Calla seems to like – and, if I had had the energy to experiment the night before, I could have also tried to bring over some apple pie egg rolls, but sadly, I didn’t try them out until Friday (they are delicious, but not so good after reheating, oddly). It was good time spent with Calla, though it seems like she was pretty exhausted at the end of the night.

In my free time, I’ve been doing a lot of reading, some of it just pleasure reading – RPG material and the like – but a lot of it has been material on Borderline Personality Disorder, an issue I know several people with; I thought it was time that I really tried to understand what exactly it was and what it meant. According to the author of Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder, Dr. Shari Manning (and this is paraphrased as I understood it, so I may have missed a bit),BPD is emotionally extremely intense – imagine the most emotional day or time of your life, whether a bad breakup, loss of a family member, or getting married, remember how emotional you were that day, and then think that someone with BPD probably feels that level of emotional intensity every day. I haven’t finished the book, but it seems pretty good and helpful so far.

As far as other resources online, I’ve found, or been directed to, a couple of blogs that look like very promising sources of information and discussion on BPD. I’m by no means an expert, and so I leave these links here, for better minds to check out:

Borderline Personality Disorder and ‘The Chameleon Effect’

BPD and Life: Recognizing and Dealing with Conflict

Healing from BPD

Bipolar and BPD Support (I confess I cribbed most of those links from this blog, because it seems like such a wealth of information; It’ll take me some time to get through all of it, but it looks like a great resource)


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