The Hobbiting

As I write this, I am in between theatrical viewings of the two Hobbit movies. I remember this time last year, seeing an early showing of the first movie, and how even the excitement of seeing that was muted by my depression. I’m a huge nerd, so that is saying something. Now, I’m plenty excited to see this movie; the only thing that would make it better is friends to see it with.

Admittedly, I decided I was coming to see this back-to-back viewing only this morning, so it was short notice. With everyone’s work schedule, it is hard to spring a last-minute thing like this on people. So I will be happy to see this movie again should any of my Houston friends want to see it; seeing movies with friends always makes them better.

Odd to think that a year ago that I was thinking seeing the first Hobbit movie would be the only one I would see, maybe the last good movie I would ever see. Now I’m frustrated that I can’t see this with Calla, or that I will have to wait a year or more to see the last one – maybe I’ll see it with her. Life has really turned around in the last year. And I want to thank all of those people – family, friends, and colleagues – who have helped me to turn my life around.

Now, back to the Hobbit. Though this socially inept guy behind me who keeps jumping into conversations he isn’t a part of is kind of annoying.

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