Not a lot to report, again. I’ve been watching a lot of Supernatural these days, and despite a lot of it just being popcorn-munching drama, there are some surprisingly deep parts of the show, if you look hard enough. It has a lot to say about family and how we (and the main characters, the Winchesters) see it. It also has some interesting commentary on the nature of evil, and whether monsters can be good and humans can be evil. It adds in a lot of elements of Judeo-Christian mythology; the banal, slimy evil of demons and Hell, the indifference and disdain of the angels from Heaven, the absence of god from the board – though, as I finish the 7th season, still never any mention of Jesus. Maybe I’m influenced by the Supernatural and Philosophy book I got two weeks ago, though.

Calla has been pretty silent lately, at least in regards to me, but I choose to take that as a good sign, a sign that she is trying to concentrate on the work she has at her new treatment center and not be distracted by me. I am quite distracting, after all. It means I don’t hear from her very often, true, but I have faith that if something were to go wrong, she would get in touch with me. So, until she chooses to contact me, there is little I can do but hope and wait.

I’ve been continuing to read up on Borderline Personality Disorder, among other things, and I have Brene Brown’s newest book on my reading list, but right now, during the holiday season, most of my reading tends to be of the more fantastic variety. I’ve been reading a number of RPGs lately, especially Dungeon World, and they are pretty heavily on the narrative side, but mostly they’re just reading to keep the gears in my head working, just not in high gear. 

As Christmas approaches, so, too, does another milestone – I have almost 200 posts on this bad boy of a blog. If all goes well, in a poetic turn, I hope to hit 200 on either Christmas Day or Christmas Eve.. It’s not a groundbreaking milestone, and nothing special will happen when I hit 200, I just thought it would be a nice little thing to happen. And with that, I end the update; I’ll add more when I have news.


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