Merry Christmahanakwanzadan!

So, I came down to Florida, by plane, yesterday afternoon. It meant getting up early, and braving the airport on Christmas Eve – which was quite a thing, let me tell you. There were huge lines – mostly to check baggage, which thankfully I avoided by packing everything in my backpack. Then there were the packed airplanes, which were uncomfortable, especially since the one I was on had several screaming children. But I managed to make it here with relatively little mishap.

So, I got to spend Christmas with my family – specifically, my parents and grandparents, because my sister spent the holidays with her in-laws. It was nice to see them, because I haven’t seen my grandparents in about a year, but I think it will be nice to head back to Houston. Getting some time to relax, and go out to eat, and do Christmas stuff was nice, but the arguing my parents do bothers me. I’ve brought it up before, when I was in Menninger, and they moderated it for a while, but it is back to the same old behavior now, and I just don’t like it. 

Now, I love my parents, so I’m not saying they’re bad people. I just don’t like all the arguing and complaining, even during the holidays. About the weirdest things, too – where to park for a restaurant, how someone turned a TV on or off, what flight to take for a vacation they’re planning. I can certainly bring the argument when necessary, but some of this is just so pointless that it hurts my head just being around it.

Still, though, it was good to see my family again, and they certainly seem to have enjoyed seeing me after so long, so it was definitely a worthwhile trip – though I may rethink that tomorrow night, since my plane gets back into Houston all of two hours before I go back to work. 

And, this is my 200th blog entry, on Christmas. Who loves you, huh? Merry Christmas (or appropriate seasonal greetings) to all my readers; I hope things are going well, or getting better, for all of you and your families. I know being here for Christmas has shown me how far I’ve come, as well as that there are still things I have yet to do.

I know Calla isn’t able to read this, but I’ll say it anyway – Merry Christmas, Calla. I miss you. I’m here anytime you need to talk, and if there is anything I can do to  help or be a better friend, let me know.


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