Down with the Sickness

Yeah, the cold that has been tearing its way through my fellow B&N employees hit me with a vengeance yesterday, and so for my two days off I have mostly been in damage control, trying to alleviate the symptoms as much as I can before going back in to work tomorrow. Cough drops, DayQuil, hot water with honey, nasal rinsing, I’ve tried just about everything I can think of, and it seems to have done at least some good. So, however healed up I am, tomorrow I go back to work.

Tomorrow, I am also hosting several friends over at my place, for the first time since… well, since I had my apartment-warming party back in August, I think. Other than that, I have never had more than one other person here at a time. which is a little odd. But we’ll be hanging out, playing games, talking, eating, and waiting to ring in the New Year, and I can’t think of a better way to do it than with friends I care about. I wish that there was a way for other people to be here, but I know they can’t, so maybe they’ll be here in spirit, at least. 

That way, they can’t steal the chips and dip.


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