Play Under Review

It’s been brought to my attention that my last post – and parts of my last several posts – have shown a side of me that some people reading weren’t familiar with. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I have been feeling somewhat off my game lately, and I know that depression can be a pretty insidious disease; I had hoped that my current medication regimen would be enough to keep the chemical aspects under control, but there is a tendency for the body to get used to them over time and thus have alteration of dosages and such required.

Because of this, I’m pulling my last post backstage while I try and figure out what’s going on; I have a visit with my psychiatrist this coming Tuesday, so I will bring it up with him then. Until that time, though, I’ll try to stay on safer ground, in areas that aren’t necessarily affected by any possibly medication issues. I’m not particularly worried; my medication has needed tweaking before. I just want to make sure that that is the most likely case before going into any kind of panic, or having anyone else do so. So if I am less bloggy in the next few days, that’s why – not because I’m in a bad place, but because I’d like to make sure of where I am before I start writing and publishing things that might seem out of left field for those who have come to know me.

In any case, I must now go forth, eateth of my lunch (bacon cheeseburger puffs, how awesome are they?), and get ready for work. I’ll catch you all later.


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