High Point

Well, today was kind of an odd one for me. Work was kind of rough; for some strange reason – maybe because today was Martin Luther King Day, and kids were out of school – the bookstore was oddly busy. Which meant a lot of customers, and some of them were people who were just very angry people. Working at the customer service desk, you can get chances to help people find what they are looking for, and they are momentarily grateful – but some people, if you can’t find the book or other item they are looking for, just get really angry. So bad customers tend to hit one harder, mentally and emotionally, than good ones.

So it was kind of hard on me, because emotionally hurtful moments tend to be rougher on me than happy ones just because of my own issues. But it really turned around on my lunch break, because I got a message from Calla, and she was sounding better. Even hearing from her was good, though; after that, nothing bothered me for the rest of the work day. Then, as I was on my way home, I got a call from her, and we spoke for the first time in almost a month.

I won’t lie. I did a little dance.

She sounds like she’s doing well, and even though she’s been having trouble being in contact lately, it sounds like she’s made some real progress. She even said that she thought she was starting to have faith in herself, which was a huge step. But she was laughing, sounded happy, and it was great to hear from her. That (and the pizza I treated myself to on the way home – thanks, Pink’s Pizza) means I came home high on life. I hope she stays in contact more often from now on, but even if she doesn’t, hearing that she is doing well, making progress, and sounding good was great.

It looks like I may end up sending information on the Family Connections class to her family, as well. She liked the idea that I was going, and thought maybe her parents would benefit from that kind of knowledge. I’ll be trying to get that information over to her mother tomorrow. So it’s been kind of an odd day – it could have been really bad, but instead, it went really well. Weird, right?


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