The Wonders of Insurance

So, through some program – I imagine the Affordable Care Act, but knowing Texas, it could be something else – I was able to get insurance. This is a big deal for me; with several pre-existing conditions, I was persona non grata to insurance companies for the last half of last year. This meant my medications – of which I’m on 4, which is a relatively small number compared to some folks I know – cost a lot; with even one non-generic medication, it cost me in the neighborhood of $500 a month. Doctor’s visits were right out.

So, I got insurance at the beginning of this month. I went to go pick up my medications after seeing my psychiatrist on Tuesday, and you know what they ended up costing me? $18. That’s so different it isn’t even funny. Now, granted, my insurance plan is not cheap, but it’s still cheaper than medication costs without insurance. Plus, I get to go see a doctor in a week or so, and it won’t cost me an arm and a leg.

That’s part of the cost of mental illness. It’s an illness that never goes away, and was a reason for insurance companies to deny us treatment. The only reason I had insurance before is because I got it through my school, so I had to be allowed in. It’s a monetary cost, true, but it’s still a cost – I’m lucky to have had the ability to pay for a place like Menninger. There are a lot of people with serious mental issues who can’t afford that kind of treatment – or any treatment, really. People who never get diagnosed, who end up roaming, homeless and scared, because they can’t function mentally. People understand a missing arm or leg, but a missing part of your mind – that’s much hard to conceptualize.

So, even though it isn’t an ideal solution, I am certainly glad the Affordable Care Act was passed. It gave me the chance to finally go see a doctor again, and to even think about possible emergency care without bankruptcy. I get the chance to be able to keep my medication going, without wondering if they will drive my financial future.

Compared to that, some headaches are a pretty small price to pay. Those are just a side effect of regularizing my medication schedule, though. Life is going pretty well right now, so I am glad for insurance, and for what I have.

Postscript: Nobody had anythign to say about the Sad Dog diary? Man, you people are stone cold. The first time I watched that I laughed until I almost puked.


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