Cracked Wisdom

Well, not a lot has occurred since my last post, but I have found some interesting things I would like to share. First, like the post name implies, is another link to the website Cracked; today I saw that they posted an article on things people get wrong when talking or thinking about mental illness, and I thought it would be an appropriate thing to repost here: 5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Mental Illness. I read through it, and it hit a lot of chords with me, because of how much it reflects things I have seen and experienced, so I suggest checking it out.

Sometimes I wonder if I spend too much of my time thinking about mental illness; it can sometimes seem like the only thing I talk about (outside of my blog, that is – that’s the whole point of this blog, so talking about it here is expected). It’s a little odd; time I used to spend talking about or playing video games or RPGs is now mostly time that I spend thinking about, reading about, or talking about psychiatric disorders, mental illness, and other things of the sort.

Anyway, this all feels heavy to me, so I apologize to anyone who is morally opposed to Budweiser, but I think their Super Bowl commercial is cute, and I challenge you not to watch it and smile, or say ‘awww…’:

One comment on “Cracked Wisdom

  1. Alicia says:

    nope can’t do it…… AWWWWWWWW!

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