Branching Out

I’m looking to try and make my blog a bit more well-known, and part of that is finding other similar blogs to comment on, so that traffic between all blogs involved can increase. This, of course, means finding blogs with similar content, but in the past I haven’t had a huge amount fo success with that; a number of the blogs I have found, followed, and commented on have since dried up or become extremely sporadic. So I though, hey, why not ask my readers? If you’re reading my blog, you might be reading other similar blogs, so why not tap that knowledge? Please, if you have any particular blogs about mental health, recovery, treatment, or anything along those lines, let me know. I’d love to be better-informed, and reading new blogs not only gives me new places to comment, but it also tends to help me with ideas as to what to post here. So you’ll be doing everyone a favor! Though mostly me. 


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