Taking the Good with the Bad

This weekend was something of a disappointment for me. Calla was supposed to be coming back for a visit, and we were supposed to be spending the day together on Saturday. We had things all planned out; we were going to the Houston rodeo (a big thing here in Houston; it lasts a month, has all kinds of big musical acts and such, and messes with the traffic something fierce). We were going to a Chris Young concert (only the second concert I would ever have gone to – the first being a Meatloaf concert – not my idea, my father’s – which I had to attend instead of a Sarah McLachlan concert I had tickets to). We were going to get some dinner afterwards, maybe hang out at my place for a while, and get a chance to see each other for the first time in months.

Sadly, that all fell through; she developed some kind of stomach flu on Thursday, and when I spoke to her on Saturday morning, she was still feeling so poorly that talking to me on the phone for five minutes made her feel like passing out. I imagine it’s not because I’m such a poor conversationalist, either, despite what some people (and you know who you are) may think. So all the preparations – buying concert tickets, making sure I had things she liked stocked in my fridge, cleaning my apartment to a state possibly cleaner than it was when  moved in – I made went to waste.

Or were they? I mean, the concert tickets are a wash, I’ll give you that. I wasn’t going to go to a concert alone, and nobody else I knew wanted them. But there’s nothing wrong with having a clean apartment – even if it does make the place feel empty (ever noticed how all the clutter your place accrues makes it feel more like home? No? Maybe it’s just me). Now I know where everything is, which is nice. And while Calla couldn’t com out this weekend, she might be out next weekend, so maybe having stuff she likes stocked will work out. It’s a bit more forward-thinking than I was planning for, but it works. If she comes out this coming week, even the haircut I got will look relatively new.

So, while it was disappointing not to see her this weekend, it’s not all bad. And if she’s still planning on coming back to Houston for good in early April, every day gets me closer to that date. Then I’ll get a chance to see her much more regularly. I just hope she knows that even though I’m disappointed not to be seeing her this weekend, I’m not disappointed in her. She means to much to me for that.


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