I don’t really know what to call this entry, but I’m too excited to care. After three months, Calla is finally home, if only for a weekend, and I got to spend part of tonight with her. We got to talk about how she’s been and what she’s been doing, about what our relationship was, is, and might be, go for a walk, and eat with her parents and her nephew. I kept catching myself just looking at her, watching her smile, getting lost in her eyes – you know, all the stuff that you scoff at when you see romance movies.

I have to say, this is probably the best I’ve felt in – well, probably since before she left. If I had to wait another three months for a night like this, it’d be worth it. I mean, I spent most of yesterday cleaning my apartment like crazy, and I was so amped up that I could barely get to sleep last night. Even now, my heart still feels like it could pop right out of my chest. She has that effect on me.

And tomorrow, we get to spend most of the day together, or at least that’s the plan – no parents, no family, though probably plenty of bystanders since it sounds like we might go to the Houston rodeo for a while. Then, at some point, we get to have dinner at a favorite restaurant of hers. Is it a date? Well, that’s certainly a possibility. But I’d take just about any time spent with her, to be honest. She thanked me for all my support, and I was thinking, what else could I do? There isn’t much I wouldn’t do for her. I’m just not sure I know how to get that across in person.

I’m not entirely sure how much sense I’m making here, but the general idea is that I had a great time with Calla tonight, and tomorrow sounds like it will be even better. Getting to sleep with all this excitement might be difficult, but to me, she is worth every second. Maybe I’ll be back tomorrow with an update.


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  1. Laurel says:

    I’m so happy for you. You deserve all the jappiness. I only know the story apparent on FB , but am so happy for you . Oh….. Sorry already said that it bears repeating. Karrit

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