High on Life

So I didn’t end up posting anything on Saturday, or Sunday. Sorry about that. But I do have good reasons. On Saturday, I got to spend the day with Calla, on what would turn out to be our first date (I say first because I hope there will be more, but we shall see). I spent most of the day feeling like I was on a sugar and caffeine high, though thankfully I didn’t act like it – that would have been embarrassing. Even though the weather was pretty lousy – it ended up raining for most of the day – we got to go down to a place called Moody Gardens, and spend a good deal of time there. They have a very cool rainforest setup there, with all manner of birds, beasts, and other sorts of life, and I enjoyed being there with her. I’m pretty sure that when she slipped her hand into mine the first time, though, that my heart skipped a beat. Maybe two.

We walked, talked, saw some interesting wildlife, and even got to go see an exhibit of genuine historical pirate artifacts – though there were a fair amount of lines, which wasn’t good for either of our knees. Then we went to dinner at a place she really likes, and even though there was a wait there, too, it was nice to sit with her; we even ended up sharing a meal. Not quite the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp, but it was still a very enjoyable experience.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and I had to drop her off at her parents’ place, where she stayed while she was back. But I did get to see her again for lunch/dinner on Sunday, with her family, and so I got to see her one last time before she heads back to treatment for her last few weeks and tell her how I felt. I felt much better this time, knowing she’d be back in a matter of weeks, than I did when I saw her off in December, and I’m already trying to make plans for when she gets back.

After getting home, though, my brain finally decided to tell my body, “You know that constant high you’ve been on since Thursday? You can stop now.” Which my body, obediently, did, and I crashed. Not how I was planning on spending the rest of Sunday, but I suppose I needed the rest – I can really only work on two hours of sleep a night for so many nights, after all. I’m not 18 anymore, though I kinda felt like it.

In any case, Saturday marked the start of a new phase in my relationship with Calla, and my first date in, well, ever? While I’m not still on a days-long high, I am feeling good, and while I’m a bit sad that Calla is gone, I know she’ll be back soon. There’s no reason to try and make things happen any faster than they are, so I plan on enjoying things while I can.

(I’m not opposed to any good dating advice for guys, though, because, at 34 and single, I’m not just rusty – I think the entire structure has dissolved, and needs to be rebuilt. Points go to the more romantic ideas.)


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