Future Tripping

Future tripping is one of the things that they warn us about in therapy – obsessing about the future, of what could be, when the future will get here and when will it be, is unhealthy. It can keep us from focusing on the present, of becoming so enamored of what is in the future that we completely lose track of what is happening around us. No matter how much you resist what is happening now, you can’t avoid it, and trying to will just make the present – and the future – miserable.

But right now, I am looking at the future, and trying to figure out what to do with mine. There’s always the possibility of going back to school for a PhD in English – I have much of the work done, after all. But as much as I like the material, and learning new things about it, the idea of going through all the stressing out over exams again, as well as worrying about what I would have to publish and how often to keep a job I may or may not even get just doesn’t really appeal to me.

I’m actually really thinking about social work. My sister just got her MSW, and while she is more interested in helping children, I (predictably) have a great degree of interest in the mental health field. Having seen what several psychiatric hospital are like, and having gone through a lot of mental health care, I think that I would like to help others who are having problems like mine, and try to see if there isn’t more that can be done for the state of mental illness care. I don’t have any experience in the field as an employee, but I have seen quite a lot from the other side of the table, as it were, and I think that a view like mine could be useful. 

Now, I am just starting to do research into schooling for social work, so I have no idea if this is feasible. But it is the path that is currently of the most interest to me, and I hope that something good will come of it. 



One comment on “Future Tripping

  1. Laurel says:

    Jamie, FYI my mom has been a social worker for 20 yrs and as I’ve told you she’s cool and healthy. She’s be happy to talk to you anytime. She likes you very much eventhough she hasn’t met you:)

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