Sign Blindness

Wow, six days since my last entry. That’s quite a while for my blog. It wasn’t intentional, but it’s been a busy week. After getting through the tornado/severe thunderstorm warning in Omaha on Sunday, and then getting back to Houston on Monday, I worked on Tuesday, and then again on Thursday. Something popped in my knee Thursday night, and then work on Friday, and then today, was very unpleasant. But I did get a chance to see Calla after work today, so that helped – literally, my knee actually felt better after spending time with her. Weird, right? And no, she didn’t even touch my knee, so get your minds out of the gutter.

But anyway, onto the title, signs. Specifically, the reading of them in relationships – and in this case, I mean a romantic, or potentially romantic, relationship between two parties (or more, I suppose, I don’t judge, it just sounds confusing). I’ve never really been in a relationship, at least officially; my one date with Calla is the closest I’ve been. And I have absolutely no idea how to read the signs women give, which makes knowing anything about moving forward in a relationship tricky. How do you know if there is chemistry? What if you feel it, but you have no idea if the other person does?

You would think this would be easier, considering that half, or more, of my closest friends are women, but nope, I am still completely in the dark. Hell, I don’t even know what relationship chemistry is. It probably doesn’t help that I have a relatively serious mental illness, even if it is managed, and that many of my friends are as well – as well as the person I am most interested in. So even the rules for ‘normal’ relationships probably don’t apply here. It’s all very confusing. Though at least I can take solace in the fact that I am by no means the only person who has problems reading signs. I’ve heard from at least one female friend that women have as much problem reading the signs with men as men do with women – and despite that probably not being true, I think I am going to believe it for now.


3 comments on “Sign Blindness

  1. Here’s the thing about reading signs. It’s easy for Person A to tell when Person B has the hots for Person C, because Person B behaves differently around Person C than around People D, E, and F. But if A is the object of B’s affection, A only has half the data. A has no idea if B behaves differently when A isn’t there. There’s no baseline to make a comparison to.

  2. Janice F. says:

    Personally, I’ve always felt it’s dumb and annoying when people want other people to read their minds. My spouse and I try to just tell each other what we want – and have pretty much from the start. Of course, I’m a tiny bit oblivious to subtle hints (Kyle still teases me about when he tried to ask me out by asking “Do you need a ride home?” and I said, “Oh, no, it’s only a couple blocks, I’ll walk, thanks.” Well, I answered the question he asked. He eventually worked up to “Would you like to go out for dinner some time?” which worked much better.) So my personal take is you should always just ask. I know people are sometimes unclear about their own feelings – goodness knows I am sometimes! I feel…. something! Something upset! I don’t know why! – but usually they can work it out with a little time and get back to you.

    Good luck, and I hope your knee feels better!

  3. Karritous says:

    Ok so it just erased my comment but I was just saying perhaps it’s a combination of what you said. But frankly it’s just how life is. No formula. Most don’t know either so you’re not the only one. Sometimes – don’t mean this as a criticism- but you aren’t always the most direct person- course you know I’m super direct so easy for me to be that way. Anyway as someone suggested below, asking gentle direct questions and phrasing them well can take a lot of unnecessary confusion out of thing. My 2 cents.

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